I am a Developer and ❤️ DevOps

Cloud Native

I have a passion for helping businesses succeed in their markets by enabling the people in an organization, do their best work possible. The DevOps philosophy is that people are more important than processes which in turn is more important than tools. Adopting a people first process, enabled by great processes and fantastic tools, can revolutionize a business and help them grow and win in the marketplace!

As a developer, I specialize in the backend work, and being an operations guy, helping the team build a process that enables fast deployment with great testing methodologies.

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I am a Cloud and Infrastructure Consultant

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Linux and Windows-Server

The cloud is just someone elses computer - you can't just throw your existing processes, servers and tools in the cloud and hope that it will help you - you'll just create a disaster for yourself. That is where I can help. I have experience with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform in addition to having worked with Linux and Windows servers for years. Let us rethink the the cloud migration and find a great solution together.

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I am a Photographer

Portait, Landscape and Urban

My passion for photography and video production has been around since I was a child. These days I do freelance professional work when requested, helping businesses get the photographs they whish for their need, or create memories for families.

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